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There are many methods of handling shirts when traveling, and method that follows works best for me.

Here’s quick step by step guide of how I fold my shirts.

Step 1

Button every other button starting from the collar and working down to the bottom of the shirt.


Step 2

Lay the shirt face-down on a flat and even surface. Place a sheet of A4 paper and fold the shirt body on top of the paper without folding the sheet of paper.


Step 3

Fold the sleeve horizontally. Don’t press too much on the sleeve.


Step 4

Fold the other side of the body and the sleeve.


Step 5

Fold around 15-20 cm of the shirt tail upwards.


Step 6

Fold up the bottom half, positioning the shirt tail behind the collar.


Thanks for following along with me.

Nonchalantly Yours,

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